Want To See Outrageous Streaming Costs?

I'll show you how I can stream over 1.45 million minutes
of video using my $9.99 web hosting account!


What bitrate do you wish to stream at? (ex. 192kbs would be "192")

Tip:  If stream video @ 240x180 you normally use 192, if you stream at 320x240 then it's 300 kbs.

Average Streaming Bitrate

ex. 50% dial up& 50% broadband would be "84"

GB Per Month

ex. 2000GB would be "2000"

Cost Of Plan

ex. $649.00/mo would be "649"

Available Viewer Minutes Per Month

Cost Per Available Viewer Minute  

( 0.000006859588623046875 = Over 145,000 viewer minutes for each $1 spent )!

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