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Audio Streaming Toolkit And Workshop!

Before getting into the video business, it was audio that exploded our sales.  In fact, there are still many times that it's easier to create a quick audio than video (especially on a bad hair day).  I will show you how to quickly record any sound that comes through your computer, whether it's your voice, a conference call or a song playing through the internet.  Once you have captured the sound, you simply press "save", upload it to your account and stream it through your web page.  You will be amazed!

FileStreams Audio Tool Box Includes:

- The Software To Record Audio From ANY Source
- Steaming Audio Player With Built-In Controls

We Also Teach You How To Do It!

- Video Lesson On Recording Your Audios For Optimum Web Delivery.
- Video Lesson Showing How To Embed The Videos Into Your Web Pages.
- Video Lesson On Creating The Audio Drop Down Box Used Here!

You can do regular embedded audio or an Audio Drop Down Box.

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FileStreams makes it easy to add Audio to your website!  Using our tool kit, you can add audio to any web site and stream it right from your existing server!
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