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Michael Peterson - Owner

Since 1996 I've made my living through Internet Marketing.  The first breakthrough in my career came as a result of learning how to achieve prominent search engine rankings.   Over the years Google and the other search engines have been directly responsible for 70-80% of my profits, so my search engine knowledge is quite extensive.

The other area of expertise I have developed is web site usability and improving sales conversions.  Most web sites are not very user friendly, so that is also an area where I can provide guidance to my clients.   Since late 2001 I've also been using audio and video streaming to improve marketing results.  By adding video to the marketing mix I can show you how to generate more prospects for your business as well as improve conversions of your existing prospects.

If you have any questions regarding our services please get back to the sales representative who has been in contact with you.   If you don't have a sales rep you can contact me at: 




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